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Born June 10, 1963, in the small town of
Pacolet ,South Carolina. Keith knew at a
young age he wanted to sing gospel music
after seeing the Blue Ridge Quartet every
Sunday morning on a local tv station.
Involved in music since the 6" grade Keith
learned to play the drums. At the age of 13
Keith gave his life to the Lord and was saved.
It wasn’t till he was in his 30s he met Arthur
Absher of the Good Newsmen Quartet and
became the lead singer, of what would
become the Good News Messengers. After a
couple years Keith set out on a solo career,
but it was short lived. Back out in the world
and not attending church, it was not until he
was 52 that Keith met an old parts guy at an
O’Reilly auto parts store that played piano.
When he‘had asked to hear him play, he
simply responded, Iplay Sunday morning,

Sunday Night and Wednesday evenings at the
local church. Out in the world and not
wanting to get back to church Keith
continued each time going into the store but
the response was always the same. I play on
Sunday morning, Sunday night, and
Wednesday evening at the local church. Keith
eventually would end up going one Sunday
morning to hear him and the rest is history. It
was then he rededicated his life back to God. 
At the age of 58, Keith released his first cd
which to this date has had 2 top 20 hits.
Since coming back to gospel music, Keith has
opened for Adam Crabb the Griffins, Brian
Free and assurance just to name a few. He
also has taken the main stage at the Ark and
has sung and gave his testimony all over the
southeast. Nowadays, Keith is out full time
singing for the Lord and would love to share
his testimony and sing at your next function.

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Keith Buchanan is a great choice for your next event or concert. He brings the word of God through the messages in the songs he sings and truly has a heart for God. ”

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